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Using the FUE method, you can create any shape and thickness of the beard, mustache and sideburns, or carry out their restoration (correction). For beard, mustache or eyebrow hair transplant, the principles and technology of the seamless FUE method are used, which gives the best results in the restoration of scalp hair in androgenic alopecia.
Our prices for hair transplant include everything for your comfortable stay in our clinic.

The skin of the face is much thinner and more delicate than the skin of the scalp, therefore, after transplantation, in the implantation zone, temporary redness may be observed for 15-20 days, like with a slight sunburn. Donor beard grafts may differ in color or thickness from the original facial hair. All their qualities and color will be exactly the same as before transplantation in the donor zone from where they are extracted. Nevertheless, after a certain time, the donor hair will adapt to the new place of residence. For example, this happens when the hair on the head and beard differ in color.

Do not forget that any hair transplant is not magic, but modern technology, therefore, in accordance with natural physiological processes, the final result of your transplant will be visible in 8-12 months.