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About us


Europe's N1 International health care Hospital

Dream Clinic is an international healthcare hospital based in Turkey specializing in Hair transplant, Aesthetic Surgeries, Non-surgical Aesthetics, Eye-care Treatments, and Dental Aesthetics Bariatric care .

Guided by high-level standards and international norms make our hospital attractive world widely. We receive patients from over 150 countries and we succeeded almost 100.000 experiences.

We focus on delivering high-quality service and making our visitor’s journey more comfortable by providing services such as private transportation, five-star hotel accommodation, experienced translators, and service warranty, and after-care engagement.

We aim to extend your self-care and achieve your goals by offering a good experienced medical team of elite doctors controlled by Quality services to provide the best results to your journey.

Dream International operates numerous cosmetic clinics, including cosmetic dentistry, rhinoplasty, skin care, and facial surgery, as well as clinics specializing in liposuction and body sculpting, all of which are overseen by a cadre of doctors with many years of experience and a well-known history and name throughout Turkey.

Mission & Values

Our Vision

We aim to reach your satisfaction by being the leading brand in Healthcare services in Turkey and worldwide.

Our mission

Our mission is to increase the quality of healthcare services, based on high performing system defined by international norms. With cutting-edge technologies, we are able to introduce new practices and perform the best results to the world. Our perseverance in excellence created an environment of trust and comfort to our visitors by adhering to our ethical values to a human-focused approach .
Furthermore, our mission at the Dream International Center is to examine all of the circumstances of the case in terms of health and physical, and to provide the patient with a final vision of what will happen to him after the center’s treatment procedures.

Our Clinic

Services Provided

  •  Hotel accommodation in the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul with the possibility of taking companions with you free of charge for the duration of the treatment.
    A car with a driver to receive from the airport and all your transfers between the hospital, the airport and the hotel .
  • Medical translators in the hospital.
  •  General analyzes before the operation.
  • Two Swiss plasma needles to prevent, strengthen and nourish old hair.
  • MULTIVITAMIN American vaccine needle for Dream Hair Hospital.
  • Intensive treatment package for 6 months after the operation that includes medicated shampoo, vitamin boxes and hair serum spray.
  • Washing session, instructions, teaching you how to wash, and giving post-operative instructions to be followed to ensure the success of the operation.
  • A documented warranty certificate from the Ministry of Health to ensure that the transplanted hair does not fall out for life.
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