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Enhancing Your Body: The Journey of Liposuction and Body Contouring.

Liposuction is characterized by its ability to effect attractive body change and is a cosmetic technique aimed at removing accumulated and unwanted fat from different areas of the body such as abdomen, buttocks, forearms, even chins, etc.

Depends on dissolving and sucking fat without any injection, ultrasound, laser or surgical procedure.

It lasts approximately one to two hours depending on the amount of fat and under general anesthesia, after which the body shape is perfect and without any fat accumulations.

At Dream International we offer these harmonious procedures as an initial stage in body sculpture in order to get the harmonious details of your body.

We take care of the patient reduce and after the operation and ensure that the results are free from any damage or errors and full of beauty

Phase II: Body tightening:

The flabby skin tightening technique is done from the areas from which the fat has been removed in order to get the perfect change you love

Saggy skin tightening is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia used to remove saggy skin that cannot be repaired with diet or harsh exercises especially after significant weight loss or after pregnancy and delivery

This process takes several hours and healing takes several weeks to restore your activity and vitality.

The tensile is performed partially or fully by removing the saggy skin with excess fat in the area and tightening the muscle in order to get the proper and harmonious appearance.

The surgeon sews the wound and keeps two tubes to get rid of the secretions and then puts a compressor strap on the area for a perfect body free of accumulated fat.

The results are usually normal and the actual results may not appear immediately after the operation because they need about one to two weeks when the patient becomes recovered and is able to stand upright

Liposuction and body tightening operations aim to optimize the appearance of the abdomen, waist and buttocks by carving them perfectly and appropriately

Experienced hands to work with professionalism to achieve the best results, and of course the Dream Archive testifies to the wide and healthy differences that last forever and are free of pain.

Our goal is always to achieve beauty in all its dimensions. Dream International is your place to enjoy a healthy and harmonious body after the operation.

We also pay attention to the disposal of surgical scars by prescribing topical medical preparations containing hyaluronic acid acide that regenerate cells and other preparations that moisturize the skin and color uniformity containing vitamin C, silicone and aloe gel. These ideal results you find only at Dream International

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