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  • Auto-Fat Technology to Enlarge the Buttocks

This technique is completely safe as no unfamiliar objects are introduced into the body. Instead, the doctor injects fat that he takes from the body itself by liposuction with the Vaser technology from areas where fat accumulates in the body. Then a medical team purifies the fat and separates it from blood and water. The extracted fats are placed in microneedles the buttock area is injected with them to enlarge it and give the circular attractive appearance. This technique does not cause any health problems because the injected fat is extracted from the body itself.

  • Fillings Technology to Enlarge the Buttocks

The fillings used to fill the buttock area are silicone fillings. These fillings address small or flabby butt problems, as silicon fillings are implanted in the buttocks area to achieve the goal of the operation.

The doctor makes a small surgical incision above the butt muscles, then he inserts the fillings into this area and enlarges them so they give a natural look to the buttocks.

The person undergoing Buttocks Augmentation must be in a good health and does not suffer from any diseases that prevent her/him from operating;

  • People who suffer from inconsistent back size, where one side is smaller than the other.
  • Those who suffer from a small size of the butt and want to enlarge it.
  • Those who suffer from prolapsing the buttocks area due to sagging.
  • People who suffer from atrophy in the butt muscles making them inconsistent in size.

Since losing weight may lead to the dissolution of the surgery results, those who undergo Buttocks Augmentation should not plan to lose weight in the future. 

  • Stop smoking for a while before the surgery (6 weeks at least).
  • Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and herbal supplements, as they cause bleeding during the surgery.
  • Follow all the instructions and advice given by the doctor before the surgery.
  • Buttocks Augmentation surgeries are often conducted at outpatient clinics. That is why you have to come with a companion to lead you home after the surgery.
  • Avoid sitting or sleeping on the butt for long periods at least a week after the operation.
  • Wear the special corset for the buttocks operation for at least three weeks.
  • Avoid exercises or any activities that require a great effort until at least a month after the surgery.
  • Be careful not to lose significant weight so that the butt does not lose the fatty packets which were implanted in it.
  • Continue to exercise special aerobics for butt, so the results of the surgery last for at least ten years.


  • Stages of Buttock Augmentation Surgery by Auto-Fat Injection.
  • Preparation Stage .
    The doctor examines the entire butt area to determine the nature of your problem, and to specify the mechanism by which he will operate during the surgery.
  • Anesthesia Stage
    The patient is completely anesthetized upon entering the operating theatre.
  • Determination Stage
    The doctor determines the areas of the body where the fat accumulates and will be sucked from, to be re-injected in the butt.
  • Liposuction Stage
    The doctor uses Vaser technology to suck the fat from the identified areas where the fat is accumulated, in order to give the body a harmonious shape.
  • Fat Injection Stage
    The purified fat, which has been separated from blood and water is put in very fine needles, and then they are implanted or injected again in the places of the butt to enlarge it. The doctor always takes into account that the buttocks be circular and protruding to fit the body.
  • Resuscitation Stage
    Buttock Augmentation surgery with auto-fat injection takes approximately one or two hours, depending on the nature and circumstances of the operation.
  • Stages of Buttock Augmentation Surgery by Fillings
    The technique of buttocks augmentation with fillers is similar to the technique of buttocks augmentation with auto-fat injection at all stages, except one stage:
  • Incision and Insertion
    The doctor opens a small surgical incision in the lower area of the buttocks and then inserts the silicone filler into the butts the filling is placed either directly under the skin or under the muscles, and the doctor determines this at his discretion.