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We treat our patients with the most careful and individual approach, stylish eye-wear and latest innovations in contact lenses in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We stick to a complete and full oculat examination process with every patient, every time.

Complete Optical Services

Provided is a huge spectr of services, including hand-picked designer frames and glasses.

Contact Lens Examination

Effective and immediate assistance with getting the perfect pair of high quality eye lens.

Urgent Care

Itchy red eyes? Had an accident? Slept in your contacts last night? We will fix everything!
  • Complete clinical evaluation of the eye.
  •  A visual acuity testing, non-contact tonometry is done for every patient.
  • After a split lamp examination, refraction is done wherever required.
  • All patients entering the clinic for the first time undergo a detailed fundusexamination with indirect ophthalmoscope, to rule out any retinal disease.
  • Eye muscle coordination especially for children is tested.
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Why Choose Us?

We guarantee the highest professional standards and use the proven, pioneering andgame-changing ReLEx smile technique performed with ZEISS VisuMax as well as the mostadvanced lens surgery

High Standard of Ophthalmology
Committed Ophthalmology Team
Modern Ophthalmology Equipment

Our Statement

At our family owned eye clinic we strive to provide our patients with the ultimate eye care experience every time they visit. Check out our Mission and Vision Statement below!


Our mission is to provide clinical excellence and unmatched professional service to give our patients the best opportunity for a lifetime of healthy eyes and excellent vision.


Give our patients the best possible vision performance and subsequent quality of life by providing the best vision and eye healthcare possible.

Our Principles

We have long lived by guiding principles that define and differentiate us. We foster an environment of trust and mutual respect, free expression and inquiry, and personal resilience and achievement.

  • We Aspire to Excellence
  • We Embrace Diversity and Community
  • We Promote Curiosity
  • Our Community Achieves Through Collaboration
  • We are Passionately Engaged

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide exceptional eye care, which requires individual attention and genuine concern. Our office provides a unique experience allowing us to treat you, the patient, and your vision concerns. We facilitate building a strong patient-doctor relationship through direct one-on-one communication.

  • We believe in the power of sight
  • We believe in each individual’s unique vision
  • We believe in state-of-the-art medical eye care