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The self-fat injection takes a period of time ranges from 45 to 90 minutes, as it is an easy operation. Fats are sucked by the Vaser technique of liposuction from the areas that suffer from local obesity or accumulated fat. Very fine needles are used to inject extracted fat into the targeted areas of the body.

Those undergoing self-fat injections should generally be healthy. If a patient who wants to undergo a self-fat injection has circulatory problems, whether due to medical reasons or smoking, they will not be suitable for self-fat injection.

Candidates for self fat injection are:

  • People who suffer from severe obesity or excessive thinness.
  • People who have accumulated fat in the area from which the fat is extracted (donor area).
  • People who suffer from skin sagging or wrinkles in some areas of their body.
  • Those who want to get rid of defects caused by a previous cosmetic operation.
  • Those who want to redistribute the fat in their body so it becomes more harmonious.

The self-fat injection is a simple operation. However, the patient undergoing the procedure should follow the advice and instructions recommended by the doctor in order to get a recovery period free of complications and risks such tips are:

  1. Avoid any effort for at least three weeks after the operation and get physical rest until the wounds heal successfully.
  2. Have a healthy and balanced food rich in proteins and vitamins.
  3. Take antibiotics recommended by your doctor regularly.
  4. Avoid itching as much as possible in areas where fat has been removed or injected.
  5. Avoid smoking for the period of time after the operation (5 weeks or more).
  6. Keep away from intense sunlight and high heat for at least a week after the operation.


The self-fat injection is considered among the simple and easy procedures that rarely lead to any serious complications where the patient can return to normal life three days after the operation but has to follow the advice and instructions of the doctor.

The stages of the self fat injection process begin with a thorough examination of the patient. The doctor examines the patient, who is undergoing the operation, to identify the areas where fat accumulates (donor area) from which the liposuction will be done and be injected later into areas that suffer from thinness or wrinkles.

After anesthesia, the doctor sucks fat from the donor area with Vaser technology. The doctor then purifies the extracted fat through a special device. This device expels blood and fluids and separates them from fat, so the doctor gets pure fat which is ready to be injected into areas that suffer from thinness or wrinkles.

In the final stage of the operation, the doctor’s assistants place the extracted fat in very fine needles so that the doctor gradually injects these needles into the targeted areas until the amount to be injected is injected. The patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day and can return to normal life within two or three days.